International Shipments

For items below 50KG, it is recommended that your order to be air freight using Hong Kong Speed Post or SF Express. For further information, please e-mail us at info@fuurn.com with details of selected product name, purchasing quantity and shipping location for quotation. 


Self-Pickup Service

If you have opt for our Self-Pickup service, please advise our team upon order confirmation your preferred pickup location. Once your order is completed and arrived in Hong Kong, our team will contact you to schedule a self-pickup date and time. Please note that we only transfer small products between stores. Large item pickup available in Kwai Hing store.

Self-Pickup Location:

Level 1, 18 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong


Unit D, Level 9, Bold Win Industrial Building, 16-18 Wah Sing Street, Kwai Chung, N.T.

External Delivery Service

(a) Fuurn on behalf of customer can assist with organizing for external delivery service via (e.g. Gogovan, etc) however it is customer’s responsibility to receive purchased goods at building entrance on street level and pay the assigned driver directly.

(b) All external delivery price advised by Fuurn is generated by external delivery merchant’s app which is an estimation only hence Fuurn cannot be held liable as prices may vary upon arrival at customer’s location.

(c) All External Delivery service is available only from our Kwai Hing store location, it is customer's responsibility to organize for the assigned driver to go up to our store on Level 9 to pick up your order. As this is a F.O.C external service hence Fuurn will not responsible for loading your order into the van. 

(d) External delivery service is a cheaper delivery option for our customers however Fuurn cannot and does not guarantee the condition of the purchased items during transportation as all items transported by you and /or second party (including external delivery) are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Delivery Service

Delivery Service fee depends on the "Address" provided by customer and will be quoted seperately upon order confirmation. Delivery Service as generally stated is a one-time service only unless otherwise stated in the order invoice. If not otherwise stated in the order invoice, the ‘Address’ as provided by client will be used as the delivery address. IF customer would like their orders to be assembled and delivered to a specific location, Fuurn can on behalf of customer organize for installation and delivery service however this service has to be paid in advance.

(a) Extra Large / Heavy Items

For large and heavy products which includes sofas (over 3seater), lounge chair (with two piece), dining table (over 190CM), coffee tables (with glass or marble tops) and marble furniture there will be an additional delivery fees of HK$ 200-HK$ 1,000. 

(b) Walk-Up Service Surcharge

Walk-Up service fee is charged per items , prices are as listed below,


Small : Dining Chair, Bar Stool, Table Lamp, Side Table, etc.. 

HK$ 0    :  5 Steps or More

HK$ 50  :  Level 1

HK$ 80  :  Level 2

HK$ 120 :  Level 3

HK$ 150 :  Level 4

Medium : Sofa (1 or 2-seater) / Lounge Chair / Dining Table (less than 120CM) / Coffee Table (Glass top finish)

HK$ 50   : 5 Steps or More

HK$ 100 : Level 1

HK$ 200 : Level 2

HK$ 300 : Level 3

HK$ 400 : Level 4

Large : Sofa (3-Seater or more) / Dining Tables (equal to or great than 120cm) and Marble Furniture

HK$ 150  : 5 Steps or More

HK$ 300 : Level 1

HK$ 600 : Level 2

HK$ 900 : Level 3

*Important Note: Due to the health & safety of our delivery staff, the walk-up service is not available for 199cm diameter Oval Tulip Dining Table (Marble top finish) and 199-250cm width Table (Glass finish) however if customer would still like us organise for delivery service, additional surcharge applies. Fuurn will not and cannot be held liable for any defects/ damages taken place during transportation and delivery hence it is recommended that customer organise their own delivery service externally.

(c) Boat Access Service

Please e-mail our team at info@fuurn.com for more information on this service.

Installation Service

Due to transportation purpose, Fuurn products may be delivered in several components. All Fuurn products are easily assembled however if customers would like to engage our on-site installation service, our installation service fees start at HK$ 50 per item, depending on the number of items and the complexity of the installation procedure, additional fees may apply. This installation service includes unboxing and product assembly.

Installation is an add-on service for Fuurn purchased products only.

All lighting products sold by Fuurn does not include installation. It is advised that customers seek professional help from certified electrical contractors for installation.

Furniture Removal Service

If you would like us to dismantle and remove your existing furniture, please notify Furntory 72 hours prior to your scheduled delivery date. It is the customer’s responsibility to advise Fuurn of any building restrictions and/or waste disposal terms by your building management. Furniture Removal Service fee is charged per items , prices are as listed below,

(a) On-Site Waste Disposal

HK$ 50   : Chairs and other small items

HK$ 100 : Lounge Chairs and Coffee Table, etc.

HK$ 200 : Furniture less than 180cm

HK$ 350 : Furniture equal to or greater than 180cm

(b) Off-Site Waste Disposal

HK$ 300 : Chairs and other small items

HK$ 400 : Lounge Chairs and Coffee Table, etc.

HK$ 500 : Furniture less than 180cm

HK$ 800 : Furniture equal to or greater than 180cm

*Important Note: An additional HK$ 200 will be charged if delivery staff is required to disassemble to exit your unit, fit into your lift or staircase or vehicle.

Undelivered Packages

If you would like to reschedule a delivery, rescheduling fee applies. Please note that all rescheduled delivery will be subject to the next available delivery slot. To do so, please contact us for rescheduling.

Damaged Conditions

All goods are QC checked before dispatched for delivery hence Fuurn will not be held liable for any transportation damages regardless the cause. It is customer's responsibility to inspect the purchased items upon arrival before delivery.

Weather Conditions and Restrictions

In case of Typhoon category 3 and Typhoon category 8 and/or Red and Black Rain Signal, all deliveries will be rescheduled within 1-5 business days after the notice has been cancelled. Please see the Hong Kong Observatory website for weather updates.

Additional Information

All delivery fees stated here are for reference only and are subject to change depending on the actual circumstances.

An Invoice will be issued via e-mail for settlement of additional surcharge. All payment has to be settled before delivery. Please e-mail us at info@fuurn.com for more information.


In case the items you have ordered does not fit inside your lift, or you live in a walk-up building but did not pre-informed our staff of the building restrictions. Our delivery staff will deliver your orders to outside your front door or at your building lobby. To avoid this situation, it is the customer’s responsibility to advise Fuurn of such restrictions so we can better accommodate your orders. 

Fuurn reserve the right to amend the delivery information set out without prior notice.