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Luxury on a Budget

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

How much does it cost to furnish a house with Luxury Home Furniture? (Not much really..)

Most clients focus on budgeting for the construction /or renovation of your new home and forget to plan and budget for your interior decoration such as furniture, art and home accessories. While you think you should focus on construction first and furniture later, construction and interior decorating budget should be planned simultaneously.

It is equally important that you leave enough room in your budget to make a house your home!

Luxury home furniture can take months to manufacture and ship and here at FUURN we aim to make available the best selections of furniture available to our Clients without long waits and unnecessary moving cost. Our collections are specifically selected by Interior Designers then mass produced and imported from various countries depending on the collection.

Luxury can be affordable and with the help of our designers, we can provide you with furniture consultation. Contact us today (852) 2366 1199 to book a furniture consultation service.


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