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FUURN for Business

The Design

The design features a fusion of unique styles that inspire us from mid-century modern to contemporary. We take inspiration from design, trends and our environment and inspire our customers in turn. We are very passionate about what we do and we believe that everyone can live beautifully as furniture should be honestly-priced and made available to everyone.


Work with FUURN because,

We have over 10 years of experience working directly with Clients, Architects, Interior Designer, Contractors, QS, Home Stylist, and teams involved. We ensure the appropriate materials are used according to the Client's design intent, furniture purpose, availability, lead times and budget, and, if necessary, we can make alternative proposals in order to meet required budgets .

Dedicated Service

Our teams is committed to ensure project
delivery on-time 
and within clients budget.

(project sales assigned to assist you)

Customised Solutions

BS7176 British Standard Certificate
Fire Rated Material an
d Inner Foam
*Simple Cust
om-Design Possibilities

(surcharge T&C applies)

Exclusive Offers

Business and Commercial Client
*including Architects, Interior Designers,
Home Stylist, Contractors and QS etc ..

(MOQ applied to selected products)

Fast Delivery
within 1-2 weeks (or maximum 3 weeks)
or, within 6-8 weeks (for BS7176/ customisation)

(depending on order quantity and availability)



International Shipment
world-wide shipping and packaging available
or, customer can choose delivery to logistic warehouse

(Shipment cost by sender/receiver)


Ready-Stock Inventory
Warehouse 10,000 sq.ft. capacity


Project Reference
Supply & Install of Loose Furniture by FUURN Furniture

The newest consumer generations seek speed and convenience. Therefore here at FUURN, we place our focus on the convenience of online shopping without neglecting the in-store shopping experience; easy customer service communication via whatsapp and /or video calls (when necessary). We provide fast and easily accessible inventory with faster payment systems to accommodate the latest seamless payment trend. If you are interested to know more, feel free to contact us or walk-in to meet our team in-store.

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