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Terms &


1. General

Purchase Terms & Conditions

1.0 General

1.1 In these Purchase Terms and Conditions the following definitions shall apply;


(a) "Fuurn" or “Fuurn Furniture” shall mean JL Global Group Limited T/A Fuurn.

(b) "Customer/Customers" shall mean you and all other persons who purchase the products.

(c) "Price" shall mean the price of a product on the day of order.

(d) "Product/Products" shall mean any and all the products for sale in all Fuurn stores and on our website at .

(e) “Website” shall mean .

(f) “Custom Instruction” shall mean the customization instruction provided by customers.

(g) “Production/Fabrication Drawings” shall mean the drawings provided by Fuurn designer team base on customer’s request for review/ confirmation before commence production.

(h) “Payment/Order Confirmation” shall mean client have read, understood and agreed to the Purchase Terms and Conditions therefore agrees to proceed to purchase the Product.

(i) “Q.C.” shall mean quality check.

(j) “Overall Finish” shall mean in general the selected finish customer has selected however it does not imply that it is completely finished.

(k) “External/Surface Finish” shall mean the selected external surface colour / material customer have selected however it does not imply that it is completely finished.

(l) “Internal Finish” shall mean the selected inner colour / material customer have selected however it does not imply that it is completely finished.

(m) “Self-Pickup” shall mean that customer has opt to be present to pick-up the order personally.

(n) “External Delivery” shall mean that customer has opt to organize their own delivery externally.

(o) “Delivery Service” shall mean that customer has opt for Fuurn to organize delivery on behalf of customer. 

(p) “Installation Service” shall mean the assembly service per item.

(q) “NOTES” or “Remarks” shall mean any additional information which customer would like to inform Fuurn however it is does not imply any form of confirmation.

1.2 All Products sold by Fuurn in store and on our Website are subject to the Purchase Terms and Conditions.


1.3 All quotation and order Invoice is valid for 7 days from date of issue. Full payment is required for order confirmation. Please be informed that stage payment is valid only for corporate clients with large orders and has valid Business Registration proof. If the products have a short lead time, Fuurn reserves the right to request for full payment for order confirmation.


1.4 The Customer agrees to provide the complete and updated information for payment and registration purposes. For credit card payment online, the Customer shall provide Fuurn with accurate and complete credit card information and represents and warrants to Fuurn that his use of the credit card (details of which have been supplied) is authorized and legal.


1.5 Fuurn shall make every effort to fulfil orders placed by Customers in store and through our Website, but shall not be liable to any person if Fuurn shall decline or become unable to fulfil an order for whatever reason, including supply shortage or supply modification.


1.6 Notwithstanding the provisions of clause 1.5, Fuurn reserves the right to decline any order it may, in its sole opinion, consider unreliable for credit reason or otherwise. All orders are subject to Fuurn’s acceptance at its sole discretion and stock availability.


1.7 All service fees are non-refundable including, but not limited to, EPS fee, credit card fee via PayPal, installation fee, walk-up service fee, furniture removal service fee, handling and delivery service fee, warranty service fee.


1.8 If upon Delivery, Customer noticed a manufacturing defect, please notify our team immediately or within seven (7) days from date of delivery. 


1.9 Upon payment and/or order confirmation of this document, customer acknowledge and accept that all goods sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable and does not have a warranty and/or guarantee as all items sold are QC checked and deem to be of good condition.


1.10 If upon Delivery and Installation of order, Customer have a change of mind with the design, size, finishes selected and/or product purchased, please contact our customer service to further discuss on options, however please be note that this does not in any way indicate that a refund and/or exchange will be provided.


1.11 Upon Delivery, Fuurn reserves the right to take photos as proof of delivery. This photo will be used for marketing and/or advertising purpose including but not limited to use in store, our website ( and/or on our social media pages. Customer can at any time request that photo taken during delivery to be kept private.

1.12 Fuurn is an Indoor Furniture company, hence we do not encourage placing the furniture outdoor in direct sunlight or in close proximity to an open heat source such as heaters, fire places, sunlight, or similar. Fuurn emphasise that Furniture sold by Fuurn is not suitable to be placed outdoor in exposed weather conditions regardless direct or indirect sunlight. If Customer choose to do so, Fuurn will not and cannot be liable for the damages arising from failure to comply to Fuurn's instructions and specifications.


1.13 Upon order payment confirmation, Customer hereby accepts and agrees to all of the Purchase Terms and Conditions set out in this document and on our website,

2.0 Sales, Promotion and Showroom Display Furniture


2.1 Full payment is required for order confirmation hence the quotation and/or order invoice issued by Fuurn does not in any way indicate product reservation unless with payment confirmation.


2.2 All Sales and Promotion price advised by Fuurn and as stated on our website are subject to variation base on stock availability and supply modifications. Not unless with payment and/or authorized signatory and company stamp on order confirmation by Customer, Fuurn will not and can not be held liable for any variation in prices and product details. 


2.3 Fuurn shall make every effort to ensure that prices, size and details of Product on our Website are updated however Fuurn at its sole discretion reserves the right to vary the price and other details related to the Products without prior notice.


2.4 All customers are encouraged to check their order(s) including the showroom display pieces before purchase. Upon payment confirmation, Fuurn reserves the right to assume that customer checked and accepted its existing condition before purchase.


2.5 Please be informed that we do not provide warranty and/or guarantee for all product(s) sold as all product(s) sold are Q.C. checked and deem to be of good condition.


2.6 Please check your items upon self-pickup or delivery and if the items appear to be damage caused by manufacturing fault, we will replace the part(s) for you with original receipt. 


2.7 Fuurn reserve the right to refuse an exchange if the damage claimed by Customer is in Fuurn’s opinion not caused by manufacturing fault. However, IF after internal review and evaluation and with approval for an exchange by upper management, the Customer is responsible for bringing the products back to purchase locations with its original packaging for an exchange. 


2.8 Please note that seven (7) days from delivery date, Fuurn will not be held liable for any defects and/or damages regardless the cause.

3.0 Custom-Order and Customised Furniture


3.1 Custom-order and customised furniture are made on special request and as per customer’s specific selections hence all custom-order and customised furniture is non-refundable and non-exchangeable.


3.2 Customers are responsible to check the ‘Custom Request Instructions’ as stated in the order invoice before order confirmation as production is based solely on the Custom Instruction provided by customers.


3.3 Please be advised that Fuurn do not encourage Customer to use and/or supply their own Fabric and/or Material for upholstering or related purpose simply because Factory worker may not be familiar with the supplied and/or given material and the outcome result may not be as desired. However if customer choose to proceed to supply their own material, Fuurn will not and cannot be held liable IF the outcome is unsatisfactory.


3.4 Customer is encouraged to view and select the physical sample (colour and material) in store as there may be slight colour variation from computer screens and mobile phone colour setting. Customer take full responsible for their selection IF they refuse to visit Fuurn store for review and selection of physical sample. 


3.5 Colour swatches are for reference only. It is normal that slight colour variation may occur hence Fuurn will not and cannot be held liable in this situation.


3.5 Production lead time varies depending on the production complexity of individual products, the estimated production lead time will be indicated in order invoice however Fuurn will not be liable for any unexpected delays including but not limited to events taken place in the production factory and/or during transportation which may have been the cause.


4.0 Custom-Made Furniture


4.1 Preliminary quotation will be provided upon receiving customer’s detail information and reference photo(s). The preliminary quotation provided by Fuurn is only an estimate and is subject to change base on Fuurn custom-made specialist site visit information including, but not limited to on-site measurement, final material selections by customer and/or production complexity. 


4.2 Fuurn team will schedule for a site visit and/or measurement if it involves complicated spaces. If customer insist on site visit and/or measurement, additional fees may apply.


4.3 Full payment is required for order confirmation. Upon order confirmation, our custom-made specialist will commence producing production drawing(s)/sketches and the production drawing(s)/sketches will be sent to customer for review and approval before commence production.


4.4 All custom-made furniture is made specially for you and as according to your specification request and if production drawing(s)/sketches is not as you intended, we will revise to suit your request. Please be advised that additional surcharge may applies base on customer's requested amendment(s). 


4.5 Please note that all reference photo(s) provided by customer serves as reference only. Fuurn do not and cannot guarantee that the custom-made furniture ordered can be replicated and/or made to exact detail however the production drawings will be provided to customer for review and confirmation approval before production.


4.6 The term “Overall Finish” , “External/Surface Finish”, “Internal Finish” is a general term used to imply the selected finish customer have selected however it does not imply that it will be completely finish. If not otherwise specifically requested by customer, areas including but not limited to top, back, underside and/or unexposed area will be ‘raw’ finish. 

4.7 Please note that it is normal for new furniture to have a smell to it. For customers who suffers from allergies, please make it clear to our custom-made specialist and this information will be included into the order invoice under ‘Special Request’ or ‘Note’. Fuurn will not be held liable if information is not listed and/or included in the order invoice.


4.8 All payments have to be settled before delivery. Fuurn reserves the right to immediately remove or schedule for a removal of purchase if customers has refuse payment.


4.9 All custom-made furniture is made base on the customer’s confirmation of production drawing(s)/ sketches which including, but not limited to details such as width, depth and height of each section, thickness of each supporting boards, for customer’s review and approval confirmation before commence production hence all custom-made furniture is non-exchangeable and non-refundable. 


5.0 Add-On Service


Add-On service includes, self-pickup service; handling and delivery service; external delivery service; installation service; walk-up service; furniture removal service; warranty service.

All service provided by Fuurn will be carried out during Fuurn working hours only. Fuurn makes no guarantees or warranties against grazing, scratching and/or wear on the stone and solid wood veneer surface or otherwise, and all products are sold subject to natural variation in color, flow, grain, tonality, spotting, veining, shade and texture.


5.1 Self-Pickup Service


5.1.1 Upon self-pickup, customer is encouraged to inspect the purchased items as all items transported/installed by you and/or second party is non-refundable and non-exchangeable. 


5.2 External Delivery Service


5.2.1 Fuurn on behalf of customer can assist with organizing for external delivery service via (e.g. Gogovan, etc) however it is customer’s responsibility to receive purchased goods at building entrance on street level and pay the assigned driver directly.


5.2.2 All external delivery price advised by Fuurn is generated by external delivery merchant’s app which is an estimation only hence Fuurn cannot be held liable as prices may vary upon arrival at customer’s location.


5.2.3 All External Delivery service is available only from our Kwai Hing store location, it is customer's responsibility to organize for the assigned driver to go up to our store on Level 9 to pick up your order. As this is a F.O.C external service hence Fuurn will not responsible for loading your order into the van. 


5.2.4 External delivery service is a cheaper delivery option for our customers however Fuurn cannot and does not guarantee the condition of the purchased items during transportation as all items transported by you and /or second party (including external delivery) are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.


5.3 Delivery Service


5.3.1 Delivery Service as generally stated is a one-time service only unless otherwise stated in this order invoice. 


5.3.2 If the delivery address is not stated in the invoice, the ‘Address’ as provided by client will be used as the delivery address. 


5.3.3 Delivery Service is carried out only during Fuurn office hours. Night Delivery Request are subject to additional surcharge.

5.3.4 IF customer would like their orders to be assembled and delivered into their apartment / specific location, Fuurn can on behalf of customer organize for installation and delivery service however this service has to be paid in advance.


5.3.5 Delivery company will use due care in delivering the product to and assembling it at the place where it is to be delivered and/or assembled. 


5.3.6 Fuurn shall have no liability for any damage to any structure, wall, floor, decoration, furniture, equipment, fittings, goods, chattels or any other things whatever arising from provision of the delivery and assembly service. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude, or limit our liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence of Fuurn.


5.3.7 Delivery company will contact the customer directly to schedule a date and time.


5.3.8 If you would like to reschedule a delivery, there will be a rescheduling fee of HKD250. To do so, please contact us immediately for rescheduling, if required.


5.3.9 In case of category 8 Typhoon or above and rain signal Red or above, all deliveries and pickup will be rescheduled within 1-5 business days after the notice has been cancelled. Please see the Hong Kong Observatory website for weather updates.


5.4 Installation Service


5.4.1 Due to transportation purpose, Fuurn products may be delivered in several components.


5.4.2 All Fuurn products are easily assembled however if customers would like to engage our on-site installation service, our installation service fees start at HK$ 50 per item, depending on the number of items and the complexity of the installation procedure, additional fees may apply.


5.4.3 This installation service includes unboxing and product assembly and carton box disposal unless otherwise stated in the order Invoice.


5.4.4 Installation service is an add-on service for Fuurn purchased products only and it is only available to customers who engage our delivery service via Fuurn and paid in advance.


5.4.5 Upon Customer's request and with additional surcharge, Technician may agree to install furniture sold by other furniture company however will not and can not be held liable if the outcome is unsatisfactory.


5.4.6 Fuurn can on behalf of customer organize for installation service however this service has to be paid in advance.


5.4.7 For all lighting products sold by Fuurn, customer’s are advised to seek professional help from certified electrical contractors for installation.


5.5 Walk-Up Service


5.5.1 As Hong Kong has been our home for years and we understand that Hong Kong has small lifts, entrance doors, corridors and staircase. However, it it is the customer’s responsibility to advise Fuurn of such restrictions so we can better accommodate your orders. If for example, the placed orders do not fit into your small lift and will require our delivery staff to carry your orders up the stairs, customers are responsible to pay our walk-up delivery surcharge. Rate and Charges can be found on our website,


5.5.2 Due to the health & safety of the delivery worker(s), the walk-up service is not available for extra large items such as including but not limited to two(2) meter marble, glass, and/or items deem to be 'heavy' or 'hazardous'.


5.5.3 If customer insist on delivery of item deem 'heavy' or hazadous', Fuurn will on behalf of customer organise for professional movers in this instance and additional surcharge may apply.


5.5.4 In case the items you have ordered does not fit inside your lift, or you live in a walk-up building but did not pre-informed our staff of the building restrictions. The delivery worker will deliver your order(s) to outside your front door or at your building lobby entrance on street level whichever most convenient. To avoid this situation, it is the customer’s responsibility to advise Fuurn Furniture of such restrictions so we can better accommodate your orders.


5.5.5 For more information on prices and details, please click on the service tab.


5.6 Furniture Removal Service


5.6.1 If you would like us to dismantle and remove your existing furniture to your building’s waste disposal area or off-site, please notify us 72 hours prior to your scheduled delivery date. It is the customer’s responsibility to advise Fuurn Team of any building restrictions and/or waste disposal term(s) by your building management.


5.6.2 An additional HKD200 will be charged if the delivery worker is required to disassemble to exit your unit, fit into your lift or staircase or vehicle.


5.6.3 For more information on prices and details, please click on the ADD-ON service tab.

5.7 Limited Warranty and Liability Terms & Conditions

5.7.1 Warranty is an Add-On Service and full payment is required for service order confirmation.

5.7.2 Upon service payment confirmation, FUURN warrants its products against defects in manufacturing for a period of one(1) year from date of delivery, provided the product(s) was used under normal conditions and was used for the purposes for which it was designed. Warranty do not apply to defects and damage arising from negligence, abuse or misuse, including (but not limted to) improper maintenance exposure to water, direct sunlight, coastal air, chemicals, accidents, any use for which the product was not designed nor does it cover ordinary wear and tear and failure to comply FUURN care instructions or specifications. Extreme use is considered damage caused by more than normal wear and tear this includes: 


  • solvent and/or other spills

  • ink, pen or crayon marks

  • paint

  • body fluids (human or animal)

  • improper cleaning techniques

  • placing furniture outdoors in direct sunlight or in close proximity to an open heat source -heaters, fire places which led to stained, chipped, peeling.

5.7.3 The warranty is to the initial purchaser and is valid while they own the merchandise. No other warranty, including warranty of merchantability and fitness, for any particular purpose will be made by FUURN either expressed or implied. FUURN will not be liable for incidental or consequential damages arising from any product defect.

5.7.4 Once you have notified FUURN of a problem with the goods, we will replace or repair the goods that are damaged and or defective upon delivery. FUURN will not be liable to you for any loss of profits, administrative inconvenience, disappointment, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of any problem in relation to the goods. FUURN shall have no liability to pay any money to you by the way of compensation other than any refund made under these conditions and total amount no more than the price paid.

5.7.5 Warranty is not valid for Self-Pickup and/or Self-Install the item, Customer hereby acknowledged and confirm that this is not a paid service hence Fuurn shall not be held responsible for self-installation damages and/or self-transport damages by you and/or second party.

5.7.8 Upon service payment confirmation, in case of a damage or defect due to manufacturing, we will repair or replace the item at no charge with standard lead time. It is required that FUURN shedules a site visit and receives digital images of manufacturing damages before replacement shipments will be processed.

5.7.9 At FUURN, we take great care to preserve the character of each material we work with. Therefore, as a result, no two items will be exactly alike. Materials have their unique characteristics. They may vary in colour, grains patterns, and texture (refer to photos below) these are not manufacturing defects. Colour shown on your computer screen may differ from the real colour. Photos on FUURN website are for illustration purpose only and do not represent the actual material. If this concerns you, please visit our showroom to view our products and colour samples.

Natural Wood Grain Declaration-V3-1395x295.jpg
Marble Natural Grain Declaration. V2-1398x266.jpg

5.7.10 FUURN products are sold without Warranty and IF this service is required, please contact customer service to Add-On this service and Quotation will be sent to you for your service payment confirmation. Price will be quoted  base on duration of warranty required and depending on the selected product. Please contact customer service for more information, if required.


6.0 Storage


If upon order completion, your delivery site is not ready to receive good(s), Fuurn provides a free 30 Calendar Day Storage service. However after 30 days from written notice, there will be a storage fee chargeable to the Customer and storage fee payment has to be made before Delivery or Self-Pickup service. If customer do not provide feedback and/or storage payment confirmation during the storage period, Fuurn reserves the right to assume customer is no longer want the uncollected item. Fuurn always encourage customer to pick-up the goods upon completion as Fuurn holds no responsibility over items stored in warehouse. Fuurn encourage customer to purchase personal insurance for goods in the duration the items are stored in the warehouse.


7.0 Completion & Termination


Upon order completion and arrival in Hong Kong, Fuurn team will contact customer directly to organize for self-pickup / external delivery / delivery schedule. Customer has an allowance of twenty-eight(28) calendar days to respond and to collect their orders. On the 29th day from our completion notice date, Fuurn reserve the right to assume that Customer does not want the product and Fuurn reserve the right to resell and/or dispose the uncollected items whichever necessary. 


8.0 Governing Law


These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong. 


Lastly, Fuurn reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions set out on all order Quotation and order Invoice and on our Website without prior notice.

2.0 Sales, Promotion & Display
3. Custom-Order & Customised
4. Custom-Made
5. Add-On Services
6. Storage
7. Completion & Termination
8. Governing Law
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